Vision of Hope Youth Advocates - Promoting the Georgia Tobacco Quit LineThe Great American Smokeout is November 19. We of the North Georgia Health District are working with our Visions of Hope Committee this year and next to promote the Georgia Tobacco Quit Line (1-877-270-STOP) and, more specifically, to create Tobacco Free campuses at our schools in both Murray and Whitfield Counties through a Tobacco Prevention Community Capacity Building Grant provided to the district. Though these schools already have no-tobacco policies, we will be working with the youth and school boards to create better enforcement of these policies by doing such things as having a Youth Summit in February, posting Tobacco-Free Campus signs and by using a grassroots approach through our Visions of Hope Youth Advocates to recruit other youths to aid in this effort. Please note the attached photo of VOH Youth Advocates (from left to right) Kaila White, David Ramos and Karen Garcia holding a poster promoting the Georgia Tobacco Quit Line. . . this is just one of the many materials we have in both English and Spanish that are available to the public and they can be obtained by calling or emailing Jennifer Moorer at (706) 272-2342, x346 or


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