National Public Health Week's theme for Friday is Empowering A Healthy Community. It's impossible to disconnect our individual health from our community's health. When it comes to good health, a rising tide lifts all boats. And public health systems work to carefully monitor that tide, pinpointing choppy waters and struggling vessels and taking action to ensure that all boats have an opportunity to sail smoothly to healthier destinations.

Resilient, well-supported public health systems are critical to our nation's health and future. They maintain the health victories we've accomplished so far, such as dramatic reductions in tobacco use, and are essential to confronting today's big problems, such as rising chronic disease rates. We also need public health to monitor and protect us from emerging health threats, keep vaccine-preventable diseases at bay, provide life-saving services for vulnerable populations and so much more.

Just as important, we need public health's unique ability to rally communities around the many social determinants that shape people's health. The future of health is empowering communities with the tools, knowledge, resources and opportunities to make lasting change. Learn more at http://www.nphw.org/tools-and-tips/themes/empowering-a-healthy-community. 

Protecting You While You’re on the Move

Thursday's theme for National Public Health Week is Protecting You While You're On The Move, because public health never stays in just one place. It stays with you while you're on the move, keeping you safe no matter your mode of transportation. Public health — one could say — is the perfect traveling companion.

In fact, the simple act of using a seat belt may be one of the most recognizable public health victories: From 1981 to 2010, seat belt use rose from 11 percent to about 85 percent, saving hundreds of thousands of lives. Nowadays, it just seems strange to see someone not buckle up. But the job's not done. Drivers, passengers, pedestrians and bicyclists still face preventable dangers on the road. Plus, a new national movement is quickly gaining momentum to design our communities with safe walking, biking and physical activity opportunities in mind. Let's move forward together. Learn more about staying healthy and safe while on the move at http://www.nphw.org/tools-and-tips/themes/protecting-you-while-youre-on-the-move.

Creating a Healthy Workplace

The National Public Health Week theme for Wednesday is Creating a Healthy Workplace. Thanks to workers' rights and public health movements, workplaces have become dramatically safer places during the last century: According to the National Safety Council, deaths from unintentional work injuries declined 90 percent from 1933 to 1997. However, workers still get hurt and injured on the job and oftentimes such injuries — and deaths — are completely preventable. No one should have to unnecessarily risk his or her life or health to make a living.

Additionally, more and more research is showing that investing in workplace wellness programs do reap positive impacts on workers' health and pocketbooks. Such wellness efforts also help employers contain health care costs. It's as simple as this: Prevention makes good business sense. Learn more at http://www.nphw.org/tools-and-tips/themes/creating-a-healthy-workplace.

Providing a Safe Environment for Children at School

Tuesday's theme for National Public Health Week is Providing a Safe Environment For Children At School. Healthy children learn better — that's a fact. Research has found that students' health affects their grades, attendance, behavior and whether they graduate. And we also know that education is one of the many social determinants that influence a person's health throughout the life span. Fortunately, public health and education systems in the North Georgia Health District have a long and fruitful history of working together to keep students safe and teach them healthy habits. Still, there's much more to do to make sure our schools are healthy and supportive environments — and you can help. . . click here to learn more: http://www.nphw.org/tools-and-tips/themes/providing-a-safe-environment-for-children-at-school.


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